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International – Eisteddfod outreach

September 2016

In 1947 an international musical eisteddfod (festival) was held in Llangollen seeking to bring war-torn countries together. It has been held here ever since and provides a unique opportunity to share the gospel with competitors and spectators from all over the world.

Glanrafon Evangelical Church have hosted an evangelistic team for many years to reach out to the thousands that come to the town each July. The Lord Jesus said, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation’ (Mark 16:15). At the international eisteddfod, the whole world comes to Llangollen!

During the Eisteddfod, there are several areas of witness in the town. Glanrafon chapel is open for people to come in to look around. Inside, they can browse the Christian bookshop, watch a short film called The message that shaped a nation, or view the exhibition in the schoolroom while having a cup of tea or coffee.

This year saw a display on the Queen’s 90th birthday, highlighting the encouraging mentions of the Christian faith in her Christmas addresses.

Meanwhile, outside on the town’s historic bridge, there is a stall with a banner that reads, ‘God speaks your language’. Here, along with a literature stand near the entrance to the field, foreign Christian literature is offered to overseas folk. Often we are able to pass on Gospels and John Blanchard’s Ultimate questions in the mother tongue of those we meet.

Many contacts

Along the Riverside Walk and near the town hall are ‘tracting’ opportunities, providing openings for personal evangelism, where hundreds of the church’s tract, Welcome to Llangollen, are distributed.

In recent years, the church has held a stall on the eisteddfod field, which has been a tremendous answer to prayer. Under the banner ‘Glanrafon Books & Crafts’, people who come in can be engaged in conversation.

This year young people from California, Estonia and Romania and sevaral other places had the gospel shared with them. There were notable conversations with a Buddhist and several Muslims, who were all pointed to the Saviour. Children’s booklets were passed on to youth choirs from the Philippines and Zimbabwe.

Encouragingly this year, we met several local folk, such as a Chinese man working as a chef, who showed an interest in the gospel. The church renewed contact with a Romanian man they had been praying for, who had contacted them for a Bible recently.

Also, a young couple who had been giving serious consideration to Christianity were spoken to and received helpful literature. Many ‘chapel-goers’ were contacted, who, although affiliated to a place of worship, sadly do not know the Saviour of sinners personally.

Again this year, one of the team had the opportunity to address all the pupils at the local primary school, Ysgol Bryn Collen, in their school assembly.

The team place a high priority on prayer and meet daily for ministry and prayer in the chapel. Following the day’s outreach, a short time of prayer intercedes for those who have been contacted that day. Would you consider praying for those contacted and for future outreach at the eisteddfod? Would you even consider joining the team next year? 


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