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International – Helicopter tragedy claims pastor’s sons

April 2018

Prayers have been requested for a Baptist pastor in West Sussex and his family, after his two sons recently died in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon.

In a report from the Baptist Times, the online newspaper for the Baptist Union of Britain, it was revealed Stuart and Jason Hill from West Sussex were killed alongside Stuart’s girlfriend Becky Dobson, when the helicopter they were travelling in crashed, on Saturday 10 February.

Stuart, 30, and Jason, 32, were the sons of Rev. David Hill, a former pastor of Broadwater Baptist Church in Worthing, and currently a chaplain at Worthing and St Richard’s (Chichester Hospitals). The brothers were well known and loved by many in the church, according to the Baptist Times.

In a statement released via the Foreign Office, David and his wife Sandra said, ‘We always said, they were so close they were like twins, and we will find some support in knowing they were with each other to the last’.

The South Eastern Baptist Association has asked its members to request prayer for David and Sandra, as well as for current Broadwater pastor Jason Gain, as he ministers to the town.

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