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International – Helping deaf children in Kenya

April 2018

Christian charity Siloam Ministries is helping to support a project in Kenya that looks after deaf children, who are more disadvantaged than most in the country.

The Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf, a Siloam project, aims to help the children overcome their various disabilities; some children have other issues that affect their quality of life.

Margaret Odhiambo, head teacher, said, just as Jesus cherished every child so the dedicated staff at Lambwe are attentive to individual children. ‘I took in Mollie three years ago, after hearing that she was being treated unkindly where she was’, she said.

‘Now Mollie has some speech and has learned to sign and read lips. Yet I fear that her Down’s Syndrome will keep her from accomplishing much academically, so we need to help her progress’.

The help from Siloam aims to ‘kindle a light’ for these youngsters, both ‘spiritually and realistically’, according to Richard Norton, UK director for Siloam.

Currently, Siloam sponsors more than 40 wide-ranging projects overseas and in Britain.

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