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International – How will they hear?

November 2017

Serving in Mission (SIM) has spearheaded a campaign to take the gospel to migrants and refugees. Mission partners include Greater European Mission, European Christian Mission International, DMG, Evangelical Alliance Mission and SIM in Europe.

The campaign, called #HowWillTheyHear, was launched on 14 October with 14 days of prayer to mark the start of an 18-month campaign.

The campaign aims to mobilise prayer and people to share the good news of Jesus Christ with migrants and refugees in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

According to the campaign leaders, the fact Islamic militants have caused the unrest, together with corruption in their own Muslim countries, has led many of these refugees to question their beliefs and to be more receptive to hearing the gospel of Christ.

There is also the hope that, as Christian refugees and converts grow in their faith, they will also be equipped for mission and ministry among their own people groups.

Steve Smith, SIM UK’s director, said, ‘Here in the UK, as on mainland Europe and in the Middle East, society is changing dramatically and God’s people need to respond to our times’.

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