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International – Keralan Christians rebuild after floods

October 2018

Flooding in Kerala
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The devastating floods in Kerala have taken more than 160 lives and made nearly 200,000 people from Christian communities homeless, reports have claimed.

While the water has receded, making it easier for food and first aid to get through to affected areas, Barnabas Fund partners on the ground have told of complete damage to people’s homes, farms and livelihoods.

Reports claim the central Indian government has been turning away offers of aid from other governments, saying that India will handle this crisis on her own.

However, local authorities in Kerala say they are not getting enough funds to respond to these catastrophic floods, the worst for almost a century.

Moreover, local church partners working with Barnabas Fund in Kerala claim many Hindu extremists are blaming Christians and Muslims for the flooding, saying if they had not been eating beef, the flooding would not have happened.

It is claimed some aid organisations are being encouraged not to provide aid to these marginalised groups.

However, Barnabas Fund’s church partners in Kerala are providing cleaning materials to help Christians make their homes safe and habitable again.

Meanwhile they continue to give food, medicines and other aid to those still in the camps. Other urgent needs are clothing, bedding and cooking utensils to replace what has been ruined or washed away.

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