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International: Pakistan – kiln workers freed

September 2018

More than 280 families have been freed from forced servitude in Pakistan’s brick-kiln industry. According to Barnabas Fund, many Christian families are being put into bondage to owners of brick kilns, forced to work as slaves because of debts, unable to send their children to school.

One Christian man, Afzal, ended up as a bonded labourer because he had to borrow money to pay for his asthma medication. However, when Barnabas Fund heard of his predicament, and the situation of thousands of Christian families in servitude, it raised funds among supporters to set them free.

Now Afzal’s debt of £1,136 has been paid off and he, his wife and their two children are free. His wife had an accident and could not make bricks anymore, so their 13-year-old daughter works with her father to support the family.  Barnabas Fund is currently raising more money to help another 100 families, who have debts ranging in size from £445 to £2,078. To find out more, visit

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