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International – Presbyterian Church in Canada

May 2018

In another bizarre event marking the global invasion of immorality into Western churches, the Presbyterian Church leadership of Canada (PCC) has written a ‘letter of repentance to the LGBTQI community’, confessing various ‘sins’, such as how the church has fostered a ‘homophobic environment’.

This news follows the establishment of the Rainbow Communion, a commission set up last year by the PCC to research how the church needs to react and repent for the way it has treated the LGBTQI community.

The letter has further polarised those within the Presbyterian Church, in a country that was one of the first to legalise same-sex marriage. In a blog post for LifeSite News, writer and presenter Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson claims what the letter alleges is completely disconnected from the real experiences of members of the church.

She states: ‘Long-time church elder Don MacMillan rejected this assertion as completely unsubstantiated and contrary to his long experience. Another church member, Hugh A. M. Muth, complained he had never seen homophobia in the church and resented leadership apologising for it’.

She added: ‘Church leaders then go on to apologise for silencing LGBTQ people, while apparently ignoring the fact that every day LGBTQ activists are busy silencing anybody that disagrees with their worldview, including Christians, by picketing and demanding they be “de-platformed” or fired from their jobs for speaking out on issues of religious conscience’.

The blog also states that, while ‘repent’ is used 11 times in the letter, ‘Jesus’ is only cited twice at the end, and there is no reference to the ‘many passages in the Bible which forbid homosexuality’.

She adds: ‘The solution to rebuilding the church is for all Christians, in this time of eroding moral values, to stand strong in their faith and show the world and our membership that we stand for order and balance in a world rapidly losing both’.

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