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International – Sierra Leone mudslides

October 2017

Mothers’ Union in Sierra Leone has responded to the needs of those affected by the mudslides that hit the country’s capital, Freetown, in August 2017.

According to news reports, scores of people were killed and about 600 people reported missing, with thousands of people left destitute and at risk.

Victoria Wilson, Mothers’ Union’s diocesan president of Freetown, said: ‘We are providing food items, clothing, toiletries and water for those hospitalised. We need prayers for the victims, and the various people working day and night to excavate the mud and search for dead bodies’.

Nicola Lawrence, head of development and policy for Mothers’ Union, commented, ‘This is a terrible tragedy to hit a country, only just getting back on its feet after the Ebola crisis. We are in regular contact with Mothers’ Union in Freetown and monitoring how we can support their efforts further and in the long-run. In the meantime, we are praying for all those who have been affected’.

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