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International: Supporting Syrian widows

September 2017

Syrian Christian widows are in desperate need of help, especially those remaining in the war-torn country.

Many Syrian men, including Christians, were kidnapped by the so-called Islamic State in 2013; their wives were sent footage of their beheadings when they refused to convert.

Other Christian men were killed over the last six years of war, many of whom were specifically martyred for their faith.

According to Barnabas Fund, although some of these widows have resettled in other countries, at least 96 Christian widows, many under the age of 30, remain in Aleppo.

Between them the widows have about 200 children, and Barnabas Fund is supporting these families through its Widows of War programme.

Every month each widow receives a food parcel and other support. Once a year the whole family gets new clothes and the children get new shoes twice a year.

The children are also given stationery and other school items. There is extra help for medical needs. To find out more, visit

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