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International – Tearfund and partners aid Indonesia

November 2018

Devastation in Indonesia
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On Friday 28 September 2018, a powerful earthquake struck Indonesia, leading to a six-metre-high tsunami hitting the city of Palu. More than 1,400 people are confirmed dead but rescuers fear this number will rise significantly, says Tearfund.

Many buildings have been badly damaged or destroyed. Thousands of homes have collapsed along with hospitals, hotels and shops, and the airport is not functioning.

As search and rescue efforts continue, Tearfund, in alliance with Tear Netherlands, is working with a network of church-based relief and development organisations to respond to urgent needs.

This will include the distribution of food, blankets, temporary shelter such as tents or tarpaulins, and medicines. Children separated from their families are particularly vulnerable, and many people are without clean drinking water or electricity.

Tearfund is urging prayer for everyone affected and all those working tirelessly in difficult conditions. Several large coastal towns remain cut off by damaged roads and communication lines are down.

Tearfund, part of the Disasters Emergency Committee, is appealing for donations.

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