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International – UK trafficking

May 2016

Child earthquake survivors in Nepal have allegedly been trafficked into the UK to be used as domestic slaves. According to an investigation by the Sun newspaper, Nepalese children, some as young as 10 years, are being sold to work as domestic slaves in England.

As part of its undercover investigation, a Sun reporter posed as a wealthy Sikh living in Britain, who needed help around the house. He met with a slave trader in India, who told him a male slave, aged just 10-years-old, would cost him the equivalent of £5,000.

The report claimed the slave trader also made clear that Nepalese children had already been trafficked into the UK.

In a statement, Christian charity CARE, which has campaigned against trafficking, called the findings ‘shocking’ and said, ‘It is a reminder modern slavery is happening on our doorsteps in the UK’. 


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