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Ireland: Church lockdown ends, but politician calls for ‘conversion therapy’ ban

June 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Roderic O’Gorman via his Twitter page
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Churches in the Republic of Ireland have been allowed to restart in-person worship services.

Church services were permitted to resume on 10 May after a blanket ban lasting almost a year.

While church worship was banned, commercial public venues such as dry cleaners and off-licenses were allowed to open with safety measures in place.

Christians and others have signed an open letter to the Irish government demanding a commitment never to ban church worship in Ireland again.

Irish barrister Lorcán Price said, ‘There is no clear reason as to why the Irish government prevented places of worship from opening for so long.

‘Other European countries allowed religious worship to continue with safety precautions which protect both the public at religious services and the wider community.’

Meanwhile, as churches reopen, Ireland’s Green Party member Roderic O’Gorman, minister for children, has called for a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ in Ireland.

According to reports from The Journal, he has tasked officials to explore ways to outlaw the practice in the Republic.

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