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Islamic radicalism

July 2014

Nations are ‘sleep-walking’ if they believe that radicalism and fundamentalism are things that happen far away from home, Ade Omooba has warned.

The co-founder of UK Christian advocacy group Christian Concern said that, ‘Radical Islam is a virus in the atmosphere’ and poses a threat to young men in the UK, just as it has in continents such as Africa.

Pastor Omooba, speaking at a vigil in London to pray for the release of the 270 abducted Nigerian schoolgirls, said, ‘I want to emphasise that what we are seeing playing out in Nigeria with the abduction of our schoolgirls is part of a much wider threat to the free world, from a militant form of Islam that seeks to destroy Christianity and freedom of expression.

‘Nations are sleep-walking if they think they are free from a faraway threat of Islamic ideologues’. He added: ‘Militant Islamism will destroy the lives of those who join it, as well as the lives of their families and communities’.

The vigil in London was supported by more than 400 worshippers and was organised by Nigerian church leaders in the UK.

Organisations supporting included the National Day of Prayer and Worship, the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians, Christian Concern and the International Strategic Alliance Committee.





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