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April 2013


Christian Palestinians risk being caught up in the ongoing war of attrition between Israeli forces and Muslim Palestinians, human rights organisation B’Tselem has warned.

     The largely Christian community of Beit Jala, on the West Bank, is concerned that it will never see a harvest of the olives it has planted, as the construction of Israel’s security wall draws closer.

     According to B’Tselem, appeals to Israel’s courts have failed to stop the project, which Israel says is vital to protect it from terrorist attacks.

     Reports from NBC claim the impending decision has prompted both Christians and Muslims in the area to gather for weekly prayers that they hope will stop Israel from building the separation wall.

     Israel has already completed 65 per cent of the planned 435-mile barrier. B’Tselem says that if the wall is finished, 85 per cent will fall on Palestinian land.





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