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Jim Wood (1931–2020)

August 2020 | by Geoff Thomas

Jim was raised in Bolton, Lancashire, and studied under Ernest Kevin at London Bible College 1952–56.

His first church was West Street Baptist Church, Crewe 1956–71, followed by Broadmead Baptist Church, Woodford Green 1971–85.

He taught in a Bible College in Kenya 1986–87 and then he finally served the Central Baptist Church, Walthamstow 1989–98.

He was married to Ailsa who passed away a few years ago. They were a very striking Christian couple. God gave them three sons: a dentist and two preachers.

Jim was self-effacing and affectionate, sensible and wonderfully encouraging. He could write the most helpful letters to a preacher after hearing him at a conference. You were lifted having him in the congregation.

He had a fine mind and saw the relevance and future of the Baptist Revival Fellowship at a time of division; he endeavoured to focus it upon the preaching of the Word, prayer, and Christ-like living.

It could hardly have survived without his counsels, and time has served to vindicate them. He was a theologian, pastor-preacher, and evangelist who inspired much affection. He will not be forgotten.

In early March after some years of physical decline, Jim Wood passed away. Legislation following the coronavirus pandemic meant that there could be no funeral service in a church building. However, 25 family members and friends gathered around Jim’s grave in Fordham near Colchester to thank God for every memory of our dear friend.

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