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John Blanchard

April 2012

John Blanchard

This March, Evangelical Press hosted a special meal in London for John Blanchard, to give thanks to God and celebrate John’s 80th birthday and 50th anniversary of full-time Christian ministry.
    Many of these years have involved close practical fellowship with EP, for whom John Blanchard is a leading author (see pp. 16-18 of this issue). His many internationally renowned titles include Ultimate Questions and Does God believe in atheists? His latest EP title is Major points from the Minor Prophets.
    During the evening, Marlene Williams, who with her husband Howard helps provide logistic support for John’s apologetics ministry, presented John with a short but gripping biography of himself called Hear me carefully.
    Marlene and EP managed to publish the title as a complete surprise to their subject! They presented the book hot off the press to him, along with a specially prepared personal festschrift book of pictures, memories and tributes.

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