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Keswick Convention

September 2014

The Keswick Convention ran for three weeks over the summer and was centred on the theme of ‘Really? Searching for reality in a confusing world’. Vaughan Roberts, Jonathan Lamb and Chris Sinkinson were the Bible reading speakers.

During the second week, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, who lives in Costa Rica, gave her testimony. She spoke on the importance of living out our faith in practice, telling how she coped after her husband was murdered by thieves while the family were alone on a road in Ecuador.

She also spoke of her unusual upbringing. According to a Keswick Convention statement, her Christian parents ‘welcomed drug addicts to live with them, while studying heavyweight theology over the table’.

Mrs DeBorst said, ‘My husband was actually murdered in Ecuador and as a family we witnessed that. I was eight months pregnant and I had two small children. Many people have asked me: “Did that not shake your faith?”

‘It shook it, but it also deepened it profoundly, because I encountered Christ in the midst of that’.

Mrs DeBorst also spoke of how the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students community had supported her. She added: ‘It made me realise, how many people, especially women, are left in the world in all kinds of circumstances, without that cushion, without that support.

‘It made me open my eyes to the reality of injustice and need and suffering in our world. It began a whole new chapter of understanding of God and God’s purposes and also of the world and our place in it’.

Mrs DeBorst also worked for development charity World Vision, and is closely involved in the evangelical theological community in Latin America (








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