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Lockdown handover at West Street Evangelical Church

January 2021 | by Simoney Kyriakou

Joanna and Keith Waters
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Covid-19 prevented a personal handover at West Street Evangelical Church in 2020, but the harvest thanksgiving service was a perfect opportunity to thank God for his provision of a new pastor.

Nigel Croxford and his wife Margaret have retired from the pastorship of West Street after more than eight years serving the Carshalton-based congregation.

Ian Groom, the current church treasurer, gave a moving note of thanksgiving to God for having raised up Mr Croxford to serve the congregation faithfully as pastor, as well as in his previous role as elder at West Street.

It was apparent that those present agreed with Mr Groom that Mr Croxford’s gentle and compassionate ministry had been a true blessing.

The sermon (from Philippians 4) emphasised standing firm and was a fitting reminder of the importance of running the race, putting the past behind us, and focusing on our heavenly reward.

The harvest thanksgiving service – as muted as it was, thanks to Covid – also focused on the future, as the church has not been left without a pastor.

There has been much rejoicing that Pastor Keith Waters, accompanied by his wife Joanna, is coming from Ely to Carshalton to take over as the under-shepherd of the flock.

Their election earlier this year was unanimous, but the official handover was greatly delayed following the Covid lockdown in March and subsequent restrictions.

Following a period of ‘prayer by Zoom’ among West Street members on Tuesday 29 September, Mr Waters and his wife began their ministry at the church, travelling between Ely and Carshalton while their house move took place.

During October, Mr Waters took us through the Book of Acts, focusing the first week on Acts 1:1-11 with the theme, ‘Two Promises and a Departure’.

Simoney Kyriakou


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