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Malaysia: Wife of missing pastor has faith and hopes for his return

March 2021

Susanna Koh
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The wife of a pastor abducted in Malaysia four years ago has spoken of her faith and her hope that he will be returned.

Raymond Koh went missing on 13 February 2017 on his way to a friend’s house, with CCTV believed to have recorded the moment of his abduction

The footage shows a car being forced to stop and surrounded by three black cars. Motorbikes diverted other cars away, giving the appearance of planned operation.

It is believed that Mr Koh was taken by the police for evangelising Muslims, which is illegal in Malaysia.

His wife, Susanna Koh, is being supported by religious freedom charity Open Doors. She spoke of the day he was taken.

She said, ‘He said goodbye to me, he said “I love you”, and that was the last time that I saw him.’

The National Human Rights Commission of Malaysia conducted a public enquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Koh.

It determined that he was a victim of enforced disappearance carried out by agents of the state, namely the Special Branch, an intelligence unit affiliated with the Malaysian Police.

The family decided to file a civil lawsuit against the government and the police last year and are waiting for a date for the trial.

Susanna said, ‘I think without God it would have been very difficult to continue, but I would say that this situation has strengthened my faith and he has given me peace.

‘Even in this adversity and difficult circumstances, I can see how real God is and how personal he is. He just knows what you need and he meets your need.’

She added, ‘There’s no fear because his rod and his staff, they comfort me. And I’m confident that wherever Raymond is, God is there with him.’

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