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Male and female roles considered at Free Church (Continuing) conference

June 2019

Psalmody Session
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A good number of folk gathered in brilliant sunshine for the annual Spring Conference of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), which was held at Culloden-Balloch Baptist Church, Inverness, earlier this year.

The speaker was Mr Nigel Kenny, Scotland Officer for the Christian Institute. His topic was the role of male and female in our society.

The Rev. Harry Woods, from Beauly, ably chaired the gathering, leading worship before both the morning and afternoon sessions.

In the morning session, Mr Kenny addressed the gathering on the role of male and female in society.  He dealt effectively in showing how far removed our society has become from the scriptural standard of male and female, and how as Christians we must stay as ‘salt and light’ (Matthew 5:13-16) in our perishing world.

During the afternoon, Mr Kenny spoke on the relatively recent rise of the transgender movement, and its insistence on indoctrination throughout all strata of society. After both his addresses, Mr. Kenny answered questions from attendees on the practical implications of his subject.

Thanks are due to the Culloden-Balloch Baptist Church for the use of their building, as well as to Mrs Debbie Allan and her helpers for the lovely lunch provided.

Thanks are also due to Mrs Flora Roberts, who organised the children’s activities, and to the Rev. John Keddie, who led short, but informative times of Psalmody.

 Rev Richard R Ross

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