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Marriage in Croatia

January 2014

A significant referendum in Croatia has been called by more than 750,000 citizens to enshrine the traditional view of marriage in law.

The referendum will call on the government to form a constitutional provision that would clearly define marriage in the Croatian constitution as ‘a living union of a woman and a man’.

According to reports from European Dignity Watch (EDW), this is the first time in the 22 years of Croatian independence that a citizens’ initiative has managed to collect the sufficient number of votes in only two weeks.

The requirement to call for a referendum is 10 per cent of the voting population. The initiative, ‘In the Name of the Family’, obtained 20 percent in only two weeks of signature collection.

Lino Zonjić, one of the organizers of the initiative, said, ‘Voters are very sensitive to the latest attempts of the current government to redefine marriage, family, and thus the entire society by imposing the equalisation of homosexual relationships with marriage’.

The initiative has received support from all major religious communities in Croatia, as well as five parliamentary parties, 15 non-parliamentary parties, numerous NGOs, and private families and individuals.

However, EDW has said the campaign is now calling for much wider support as opposition to the referendum gets increasingly aggressive.

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