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Massive campaign for marriage

February 2013

Massive campaign for marriage

The Christian Institute reports that one million leaflets against the Government’s plans to redefine marriage are being sent to voters in marginal seats. This is part of a campaign to target 65 key MPs, to urge them to vote against any change to the meaning of marriage.
    The Government intends to bring a bill before Parliament within weeks, but more than 130 backbench Tories are already opposed to the move. The one million leaflets have been prepared by the Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which is campaigning against the Government’s plans.
    Campaign director of C4M, Colin Hart, said, ‘Our local activists are fired up to oppose these undemocratic proposals from a government that is increasingly looking out of touch with ordinary men and women.
    ‘MPs should expect their local voters to press them on where they stand on the redefinition of marriage, and why the leaders of the three main parties continue to make this a top priority, when poll after poll shows that the policy does not enjoy popular support and voters don’t believe the PM’s motives on introducing the changes’.

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