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Media – BBC perversion

November 2016

A Pro-transgender promotion at the BBC has become so intensive and one-sided that a Times columnist has ‘for the first time in her life’ written to complain to the BBC.

Janice Turner said the BBC Radio 4 programme in September, in which presenter Jennifer Tracey interviewed a 10-year-old girl whose parents used the internet to help her decide what her gender would be, was potentially causing damage to young children and their parents.

In her article, Ms Turner criticised the child’s mother for initially concluding her little girl was transsexual, because she wanted a ‘pirate’s birthday party, disdained dolls’ and ‘liked Peter Pan’.

The mother later decided her child was ‘between the genders’ because she wanted to keep her Barbie dolls. However, Ms Turner criticised the BBC for never once questioning or challenging the mother, but instead presenting one-sided and biased journalism.

She said the BBC failed to question ‘whether asking every day, “Are you a boy or a girl?’, was good for her daughter’s mental health, and whether it was appropriate to ask your ten-year-old “If you were a man, would you be gay or straight?”’

According to a Christian Institute statement, former BBC political editor Andrew Marr has described the BBC as a ‘publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people’.

In May this year, BBC bosses pledged to ensure 8 per cent of employees are LGBT. In an interview with the Christian Institute, Walt Heyer, an author and former transsexual, said he found it puzzling that the BBC ‘doesn’t look at the actual research’.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, said, ‘Some children experience confused feelings at a young age but the vast majority pass through this stage naturally.

‘Telling them it is perfectly normal to swap sexes or become “gender neutral” will only compound their confusion and potentially set them on a path towards psychological suffering and harmful surgery.

‘As a publicly-funded broadcaster, with a large audience and huge influence, the BBC should not be an unquestioning mouthpiece for the harmful and experimental ideas of the “trans” lobby’.

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