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Media – Beware ‘normalisation’

June 2017

Disney has joined the ranks of other film studios and TV networks in creating characters that are either openly gay or feature characters that fit certain such stereotypes.

While our society may be happy to put a growing emphasis on homosexuality, Christian authors and evangelists Ken Ham and Avery Foley have warned Christians to beware of accepting a ‘normalisation’ that excludes God and praises public opinion.

In a blog post, ‘Is it time to kiss Disney goodbye?’, they stated, ‘Sadly, Disney is trying to normalise sin and change attitudes regarding it, starting with the next generation.

‘Movie studios, such as Disney, have already done this successfully with other sinful forms of sexuality, by slowly introducing them into films until things that would have shocked people in previous years hardly turn heads anymore. But, regardless of how our culture feels or how movies portray them, these things are sinful, because God’s Word says they are’.

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