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Meriam Ibrahim

September 2014

The terrible ordeal facing Meriam Ibrahim and her husband is finally over, despite a last-ditch legal challenge from her Muslim family to prevent her leaving the country with her children.

Although her husband — and therefore her children — are US citizens, Ms Ibrahim’s Muslim family, who had initially had her arrested on charges of apostasy and adultery, did not want her to escape.

On Friday 18 July, the family filed a second lawsuit against the Christian mother of two, seeking to annul her marriage to joint US and South Sudanese citizen Daniel Wani.

If it had been successful the couple’s two young children, Martin and Maya (who was born in jail while her mother’s legs were bound in chains), would no longer be recognised as Mr Wani’s.

In July, the family took refuge in the US embassy in Khartoum and, on 31 July, they arrived in the US, greeted by a sea of well-wishers in Philadelphia.

According to The Guardian, she was welcomed first by the mayor of Philadelphia as a ‘world freedom fighter’ and was later greeted by cheering supporters waving US flags in New Hampshire, where the couple will live in the town of Manchester.



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