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Mission – 25 years of the Christian Institute

August 2016

Spiritual and moral decline is still prevalent in the UK and there is still a need to recover a Christian mind and worldview, the chairman of the Christian Institute (CI) says.

In the CI’s 25th anniversary annual review, 25 years of Christian influence, John Burn OBE talked about the reasons for founding the Christian Institute in 1991.

He said, ‘Many Christians in the 1980s were becoming deeply concerned about the spiritual and moral decline in Britain. The church had, on the whole, become very weak and had deserted the public square.

‘Important debates about how we are governed as a nation were being left almost entirely to people and philosophies that cared little for the truths of the Bible. There was a clear need to recover a Christian mind — a worldview consistent across the board with biblical principles — and to help Christians be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16)’.

For this reason, a few people gathered to establish the CI as a company with charitable status in 1991, to help Christians stand for biblical truth in every area of life. Since then, Mr Burn said, ‘There have been many challenges, victories and defeats, as our nation has increasingly rejected the Christian faith. We give thanks to God for providing for all our needs. Through it all, we can truly say he has done more than we could ever have imagined’.

The review reports that, ‘As well as all our research, publications, online activity and campaigns, staff have spoken to over 16,000 people at 239 events around the country’. The CI also helped to launch ‘No to Named Persons’, an ongoing campaign opposing plans to appoint a ‘Named Person’ for every child in Scotland.

The CI plans to expand its capability for meeting supporters and providing the best possible legal support for Christians whose religious liberty is threatened.


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