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Mission – Binscombe challenge

March 2018

How would you raise £100 in a month? Why would you bother? Members of Binscombe Church in Surrey have a good reason and some great ideas. They’re raising money for a new church building, fit for the purpose of reaching the local community with the gospel.

Binscombe, just north of Godalming, is a housing estate with areas of severe deprivation that lacks community space where people can meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is exactly what Binscombe Church provides and, in recent years, the church has increased the number of church and community activities to meet local needs. But there’s a problem: the current building, which dates from the 1960s, lacks space and is not wheelchair-friendly.

Two years ago, the church received planning permission from the local council to rebuild the church at an estimated cost of £1.7m. More than £658,000 has been raised or pledged, of which £402,000 has come from the membership of 75 and congregation.

Members have dug deep into their pockets, but now they’re searching for new ways to raise more funding. The £100 challenge is one simple idea: do something for a month that other people think is worth paying you for.

Fundraising schemes include turning old slides into digital photos, hosting international students, running 100 miles in a month (see the photo), putting on a gospel choir concert, selling greetings cards and handmade clocks, dog-sitting and even a de-cluttering service.

Now the £100 challenge is spreading beyond Binscombe. One member of the youth group has written and recorded her own stories to explain who Jesus is, using entertaining animal characters. They are now online at as well as Amazon and iTunes, as individual stories or collections.

Binscombe Church wants to communicate the love of God in word and action. If you have any ideas that could help get the project started, they would love to know what they are (more information from

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