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Mission – Charity merger

February 2018

Charities Echoes of Service (EoS), based in Bath, and Interlink, in Glasgow, have joined forces and rebranded as a new mission charity called Echoes International.

With about 140 years of supporting missionaries around the world, these two charities are merging to form a brand-new charity. The aim of Echoes International is to encourage Christians to get involved in mission and share the transformative power of God’s Word and work.

EoS started in England in 1872 as the Missionary Echo, as a means of reporting on front-line Brethren mission across the world. Its Scottish equivalent Interlink served Brethren Assemblies in Scotland, from 1881 onwards, through its home and foreign mission funds.

Over the years, both organisations have supported more than 6,200 mission workers and served in more than 135 countries.

John Aitken, director for Echoes International, commented: ‘God’s heart still beats for the lost and God still calls his people to serve, with his associated promise to go with them. God has provided the two organisations with a unique opportunity to join together, to bring a new energy to mission in and from the UK’.

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