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Mission – Dungannon bookshop

May 2018

The Burning Bush Christian bookshop in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, has celebrated its 30th year of ministry among the community.

In a newsletter, owners since 1991 Billy and Ruth Neill give thanks to God for his provision in keeping the shop open and flourishing, despite several dramatic incidents.

They recall: ‘These included a runaway car ending up in the window — nobody was injured; a wall from a derelict shop falling down and the [book]shop remained unscathed; and a building fire in the street which was full of smoke, but our shop had no smell of smoke in it.

‘We faced many challenges and still do, but “God keeps the oil in the pot”, as 2 Kings 4:1 teaches’.

The shop has been able to help people who come in looking for guidance and help during their personal trials and sufferings, as well as being able to give gospel tracts in different languages.

The newsletter continued: ‘We face challenges and changes, through the internet and a general lack of people in the town. We have thoughts and desires for the future of the shop, for which we are asking God for direction and divine leading on.

‘We know that without God the shop would not be here. If this were “just a shop” it would have been closed long ago. Please pray for the work’.

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