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Mission – EMF closes School of Biblical Studies

May 2018

European Mission Fellowship (EMF) has announced the closure of its European School of Biblical Studies. After this year’s course finishes, the school will discontinue, following the EMF trustees’ decision.

According to a statement, EMF together with London Seminary will launch a Northern Seminary in West Yorkshire, with a new foundation course commencing in September 2019, for which London Seminary will take responsibility.

EMF principal Jörg Müller said: ‘With thankfulness, we acknowledge the School’s long and blessed history (55 years) in Watford and Welwyn in equipping Christian leaders for the Great European Commission and transitioning some students into EMF. Heike and I would greatly value your prayerful support as we seek the Lord’s guidance into a new field of ministry’.

There is still a group of students doing the ‘final run’ at Guessens, including four from Greece, and students from Germany, Portugal, Romania, Eastern Russia and Great Britain.

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