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Mission – Grace Edinburgh reaches out

April 2017

Grace Edinburgh has expressed gratitude to God for adding seven new members. This means its membership has doubled in the last year, and others are asking already about joining in the future.

Grace Edinburgh thanks God for the warmth of fellowship, prayerfulness and love we enjoy. Every week the gospel is presented to unbelieving visitors.

In a newsletter, Grace Edinburgh said: ‘It’s exciting to see men training for leadership roles from our own membership. As our attendance grows, we are struggling for space. Pray for the provision of affordable and visible premises from which we may reach our community.

‘In Grace North Edinburgh, we have Sunday services every week, with about 15-20 attending. Some unbelievers attend, with local Christians who are not in membership elsewhere’.

The McLachlan family has now moved within a five-minute walk of the Grace North building, and is making inroads into the community and getting to know the new neighbours.

Moreover, the team is looking to plant in Poland. Grace Edinburgh said it looked for God’s help to send Mariusz (Max) and Agnieszka (Agnes) Bartkowski to church plant in Poland this summer.

Max, an ordained Baptist pastor, is interning with Ali McLachlan, learning how to church-plant from scratch. In March, Max and Ali attended a Polish church planting roundtable in Dunstable, with others working in Poland and among Polish people in the UK. In April, they travel from Gdansk to Wroclaw to discern the most advantageous site for the new church planting work in the summer.


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