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Mission – Growth at Wheelock

January 2018 | by Chris Cliff

Wheelock Heath Baptist Church (WHBC), a church in Winterley, Cheshire, has now become two churches. For many years it has met for its Sunday morning services in the high school in nearby Sandbach, though evening services and children’s clubs, etc., have continued at Winterley.

Now the presence in Sandbach has been expanded into a full church called Grace Church with about 45 members, which is at the moment meeting informally and praying, planning and working towards a public launch on Easter Sunday 2018. Its new location has not yet been finalised. The Sunday morning services will remain at the High School, Middlewich Rd, with other events in the town hall. Anyone interested in obtaining more information can contact Pastor Paul Gibson at [email protected]

WHBC remains based in Winterley, with a renewed focus, including establishing a morning service, emphasising community outreach, and, in the near future, renovating and expanding the building. For more information about WHBC, please contact Tim Wilson at [email protected] or visit

Chris Cliff

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