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Mission – Hope Community Church in Soho

January 2018

Hope Community Church, based in Soho and Covent Garden in London, has been growing its presence online to make itself more accessible.

According to a recent newsletter, the church aims to focus more on evangelism, with the aim of reaching people within a one-mile radius. Among the plans being developed by Keith Holmes and Andrew Murray are a website for new visitors, linked to a regular blog, and other uses of social media aimed at local people.

The newsletter said, ‘Through local visiting, we are making the church more visible. Obviously, as we knock on doors, we are hoping for conversations and opportunities to offer Gospels to people.

‘We are also leaving publicity about our Sunday service and our website, and praying the Lord will stir up genuinely spiritual questions that will lead to contact with some of those we do not at first get to meet in person’.

Mr Murray is also working on a booklet designed to connect some of the church’s community involvement with a direct gospel presentation for local people.

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