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Mission – Mission in Ukraine

September 2018 | by Kit Fong Mok

‘I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work’ (John 9:4). God had reminded me several times of this Scripture before I went to Ukraine for a missions trip from 5 March to 15 April.

Jesus had limited time to do the work when he was in the world. During the trip, I also felt the urgency of doing God’s work, as we also have limited time. Limitations might be due to changes in the environment or the shortness of human life.

Ukraine has many orphans. One of Operation Mobilisation’s (OM’s) ministries in Ukraine is to visit orphanages to share God’s love with the children. When I joined the team in Odessa to visit an orphanage and saw the lovely kids, I felt God’s mercy to them.

They do not experience love from their parents or families, but God loves them and nurtures them by his workers and many volunteers. The team works with 17 churches who visit 18 orphanages regularly.

However, because of government policy, religious entities cannot visit orphanages, so OM partners with a local charity in order to gain access. Although Ukraine has religious freedom, the opportunity of reaching people does not necessarily always present itself.

I also visited some Jewish families with another team of OM workers in Ukraine. Most of the people we visited are elderly, lonely and have experienced much hardship, such as war and starvation.

Their children are living in other countries; some have even lost their spouses. I really want them to know Jesus and experience God’s love, especially because they have experienced many difficulties in their lives and are now such an old age.  Nobody knows how much time they will have on earth; Christians should grasp the opportunity to lead them to the Lord.

The last thing that urges me to continue in God’s work was my sickness during the trip. I got pneumonia in Ukraine. It came so fast it was less than two weeks from my first high temperature to the diagnosis of pneumonia.

I was admitted into the intensive care unit of a local hospital and had to stay in hospital for a week. This illness reminded me that life is so fragile, and I cannot control the length of my life.

Although doing missions requires paying a cost, there is a great cloud of witnesses who have run this way. Christ Jesus has sacrificed himself, and many missionaries risked their lives when they came to China more than a hundred years ago.

They are role models of God’s servants. Hence, I should treasure the time that I have to serve the Lord. Jesus has set an example to us; he did the work of the Father as long as it was day. He also calls us to follow him. So let us work hard before night comes.

Kit Fong Mok (Hong Kong), Reproduced from OM Newsletter

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