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Mission – The Bible in Mongolian became a number one best-seller

February 2016

Bible Society of Mongolia (BSM) has completed a translation of the Bible into Mongolian (ISBN 978-1-84475-013-9 and 978-1-84475-014-6), based on the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In line with the first parts of the New Testament which BSM brought out in 1979, the Bible avoids using as its word for ‘God’ any term with strong Buddhist or shamanist connotations. Other key Bible terms also use neutral terminology, having no connection with either Buddhism or shamanism.

The translation has been thoroughly checked and approved for publication by Wycliffe Bible Translators and the United Bible Societies, and is in good, readable Mongolian.

Since this new version went on sale, in August 2015, in the secular bookstore ‘Internom’ — located in capital city, Ulaanbaatar — it has attained the nation’s best-selling book among the 100 best-sellers. A copy costs the equivalent of about £20.

There are expatriate Mongolians in cities in the UK and elsewhere who can purchase copies from Waterstones or online. To help anyone wanting to tell Mongolians about the Bible, there is also a booklet (ISBN 978-1-84-475015-3) in English about the translation available online and through Waterstones.

Bible Society of Mongolia asks for prayer for the task of Bible distribution across Mongolia and the world and through web sales.

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