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Mother threatened by social workers after she raised transgender concerns

February 2019

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A mum who raised concerns that her daughter, 14, was being encouraged to change her gender has been threatened by social services.

The 45-year-old mother has been told that her daughter could be placed under the care of social workers.

It came after the mother lodged complaints that her daughter was being ‘encouraged’ to change sex by a therapist and her teachers.

The mother gave an interview to the Mail on Sunday, who protected her identity for the sake of her daughter.

The mother told the newspaper that an NHS psychotherapist had told the girl she could take hormones to stop her periods and give her male characteristics.

She also found out that teachers had given her daughter — who wanted to identify as male — a boy’s name and referred to her using male pronouns at school without her parents’ knowledge.

The girl’s mother stopped her from attending an NHS clinic where she was receiving counselling, and asked teachers to stop treating her as a boy.

Days later the mother received a ‘terrifying’ email from Child and Adult Services stating that her daughter was deemed to be at risk.

Further warnings said the teenager could be placed in a ‘child protection plan’.

‘I was reduced to tears because we were being treated like criminals when we were trying to protect our daughter,’ the mother told the Mail on Sunday.

She recalled how her daughter revealed her desire to be treated as boy. She said, ‘She wrote me and my husband a letter saying that she was born in the wrong body and she was really a boy.

‘I remember thinking, “These are not her words — these are words she’s picked off the internet”’.

The teenager begged her mother to be allowed to see a therapist for gender dysphoria. Eventually her mother relented, and the girl was referred to the NHS Child and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

The mother says that ever since then she’s faced a running battle with CAMHS and her daughter’s school, culminating in the threat of intervention from social services.

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