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Named Person Scheme

August 2014

A mother of two who has discovered her council was discussing her situation without contacting her, under the controversial Named Person Scheme, has left her home, Christian Institute has revealed.

Donna Mackie, who has two teenage sons, was living in the Highlands, but found out that she was being put under scrutiny by the council, which is operating a pilot Named Person Scheme.

She was so concerned that she moved to Edinburgh and said she feels that she and her husband were forced to be separated from their home.

The controversial scheme, which is set to be rolled out across Scotland by 2016, means a Named Person will be assigned to every child from 0 months to 18 years old. This person will be privy to information about the child and can share this with a wide range of public authorities and intervene without parental consent.

The Christian Institute is supporting the ‘No2NP’ campaign. According to Ms Mackie, her oldest son, Jozef, has a serious medical condition and that many health and education professionals were involved in his care.

She claimed that she and her husband were left out of meetings where the professionals discussed his situation, that she had been described as being ‘too vigilant’ a parent, and that Jozef had been called a ‘school refuser’.

Ms Mackie told the No2NP campaign, ‘We feel as a family that the Named Person process is going to be an invasion of privacy for the whole of the family’.

The campaign has raised £30,000 so far to fund a legal challenge against the move from the Scottish parliament. The campaign is being backed by other bodies, such as the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, Schoolhouse and CARE.

Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, said, ‘The state seems intent on usurping the role of parents and reducing them to helpless spectators in the lives of their children. Mums and dads should be very afraid of this kind of Big Brother invasion into their lives and their homes’.


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