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Neal Gordon inducted in Comber Baptist Church, Northern Ireland

March 2021 | by Brian Neely

Neal Gordon
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Comber Baptist Church grew from humble beginnings in 1966. Initial meetings were held at the Band Hall in Mill Street, Comber. Later, worshippers moved to a new building in 1976. This was expanded in 1986 to accommodate higher numbers and provide more modern facilities.

In January this year, a new chapter was written in the church’s history following the appointment of a new pastor, Neal Gordon.

The induction service was chaired by interim pastor Clifford Morrison, who had held the position for two years.

Due to Covid-19, attendance at the event was limited. Nonetheless, many friends and family gathered to show their support and observe the proceedings.

Church elder Alfie Gibson gave a history of Neal’s call to the pastorate. Fellow elder Terry Williams also formally welcomed the Neal and his wife Emma into church fellowship.

Congratulatory messages were transmitted via video link from others, including Dave Ramsey (Association Director of Baptist Churches in Ireland), Clive Andrews (elder at Shankill Baptist Church), and Richard McCord (pastor of Comber’s sister church in Dundonald).

Dr Peter Firth, former pastor of the church and presently tutor at the Irish Baptist College (of which Neal is a graduate), brought an appropriate word to all who were present.

The service drew towards a close with the singing of the hymn ‘My heart is filled with thankfulness’ before Pastor Leslie Hutchinson congratulated Neal on his appointment and closed the meeting in prayer.

Brian Neely

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