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Netherlands: Protest against PedoPride gains traction

September 2019

Amsterdam Pride 2013 SOURCE Flickr/Isabelle Puaut
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Paedophile activists attempted to hijack the LGBT Pride Week celebration in Amsterdam, under the banner #PedoPride, reports have claimed.

The activists stated they want to achieve acceptance for ‘alternative forms’ such as this vile practice by joining the LGBT movement, despite strong protests from all sides against allowing the group to take part.

During the Gay Pride parade, an activist for PedoPride was surrounded by angry event-goers and his promotional cards were confiscated by the Dutch police.

A petition from CitizenGo had garnered nearly 70,000 signatures by the beginning of August as part of a campaign to Femke Halsema, Mayor of Amsterdam, seeking an outright ban on the PedoPride activists.

Javier Villamor, spokesman for CitizenGO, stated, ‘By joining the LGTB movement, paedophile activists are trying to achieve acceptance for this aberrant practice via homosexuality and other alternative forms from these groups’.

He said CitizenGo took the initiative after the paedophile group announced it would participate in this event, under the hashtag #PedoPride2019. The group is understood to have links to the banned so-called ‘Child Liberation Front’.

Mr Villamor commented, ‘It’s atrocious that a group with ties to the CLF, which only seeks to liberate children sexually, is permitted to participate. With the excuse of “love is love”, they try to convince us that all type of affective and sexual relationships are acceptable, but sex with children cannot be [acceptable] in any way’.

He also pointed out that CitizenGO has for many years claimed that promoting certain sexual behaviours would, sooner or later, lead to other illegal forms, such as paedophilia.

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