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Netherlands: society ‘rotting’ from the core through drugs

February 2020

Jan Struijs
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The Netherlands has the ‘characteristics of a narco-state’ and its society is rotting from the core, experts have claimed.

In a lengthy report for the BBC in December last year, reporter Anna Holligan cited evidence and testimony from experts which revealed criminal activity has penetrated deeply into Dutch society as a result of The Netherlands’ soft stance on narcotics.

Speaking to the BBC, Jan Struijs, chairman of the largest Dutch police union, commented, ‘Sure we’re not Mexico. We don’t have 14,400 murders. But if you look at the infrastructure, the big money earned by organised crime, the parallel economy – yes, we have a narco-state.

‘All the alarms have been sounding but the politicians have been naïve. Now it’s rotting the concrete of our society.’

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