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New Timothy Dudley-Smith hymn for SASRA

July 2020 | by John Tredgett

Timothy Dudley-Smith
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Acclaimed hymn-writer Timothy Dudley-Smith OBE has written a new composition inspired by the work of the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association.

Timothy is former Bishop of Thetford and former President of the Evangelical Alliance. The 93-year-old is no stranger to hymns, having penned over 200, including ‘Tell out my soul’, ‘Name of all majesty’, and ‘Lord, for the years’.

His latest work is entitled ‘Praise God for those who brought us to know and love the Lord’. He took the theme of ‘being ready’ from SASRA’s shield, upon which is the text of Matthew 24:44 – ‘Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.’

A ‘brisk’ tune was recommended, such as Aurelia (used, for example, in ‘Facing a task unfinished’). The hymn expresses thanks for the core work of SASRA: personal ministry of the gospel to the men and women of the British Army and RAF.

The hymn proceeds to celebrate the gospel message and remind us that Christ will come again. Having five verses in total, the first runs as follows:

Praise God for those who brought us

To know and love the Lord,

Who nurtured us and taught us

The treasures of his word;

To read in Scripture’s pages

Of God’s eternal plan,

Fulfilled through all the ages

In Christ, the Son of Man.

By John Tredgett

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