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News – Atheist school

August 2010

Atheist school


In reaction to faith schools ‘brainwashing’ children into their respective religions, atheist preacher Prof. Richard Dawkins spoke wistfully of creating an atheist school to steer children into atheism.

     Failing to see the irony of this move, former lecturer Prof. Dawkins told parenting website Mumsnet that he wanted to set up a school under government plans to create ‘free schools’.

    According to reports by the Christian Institute, Prof. Dawkins has often said he would wish to set up a school where children can ‘automatically’ work out that ‘they are atheists’.

     He said that his school would not indoctrinate children into atheism, but would teach them to ‘ask for evidence, to be sceptical, critical and open-minded’ – that is, everything that die-hard evolutionists are not when it comes to being open-minded over the possibility of intelligent design.

     Prof. Dawkins added that such a school would teach ancient religions and would look at the Bible merely as a work of



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