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News – Dutch find their roots

March 2010 | by Kees van Kralingen

Dutch find their roots


A group of Dutch Baptist pastors and leaders is setting up a conference and web site to call Baptist churches back to their theological roots in the Reformation. It will be called Sola 5 Baptisten (Sola 5 Baptists) based on the five ‘Solas’, that is (translating from Latin into English) five ‘alone’ statements of the Reformation – faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone, by Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone.

      The Dutch churches more than ever need the doctrines of grace, as taught and applied by Reformed Baptists worldwide, to counter man-centred approaches.

      The next conference will be held on 26-27 March, with Pastor Erroll Hulse as one of the speakers. The group also aims to publish the first-ever translation of the 1689 Baptist Confession in Dutch. More information:

Kees van Kralingen



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