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News – Emmaus Christian School, Trowbridge

October 2008 | by Andrew Stone

Emmaus Christian School, Trowbridge


This year Emmaus Christian School near Trowbridge in Wiltshire celebrated its 10th birthday. The end-of-year service was an opportunity to thank God for all his provision and goodness. The hall was packed with pupils, staff, parents and friends for a moving and memorable evening.

     The school choir sang ‘Great indeed are your works, O Lord’ and ‘Great is thy faithfulness’. The infants sang ‘Rejoice in the Lord’; and everyone joined in for ‘Beloved and blessed’, ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’ and ‘Lord for the years’.

     Appropriate passages of Scripture were read by Kevin Wiltshire (Chair of governors), Dr Robert Oliver and Miriam Wiltshire (Head teacher). Another governor, Clive Richards, was moved to tears as he read of the school’s inception and development from the Christian Focus book The love of God in the classroom.

     In response to the prayers of local Christians during the 1970s, the building was wonderfully provided some 20 years later; and in 1997 it opened with just three pupils. It has now grown to over 50 pupils of ages 5-16 and is bursting at the seams. Funds are being raised for a new classroom to help cope with the numbers, but a bigger extension is needed.

     Perhaps the high point of the evening was to see presentations made to Mrs Wiltshire and Miss Naomi Oliver, the two founding teachers. Secretly, over the past few months, parents had been contributing stories, pictures and comments to be put into two books – one for each teacher.

     They were also given stunning paintings depicting the school building by Mrs Midgley. Miss Oliver was rendered almost speechless by the surprise presentations, but not Mrs Wiltshire who professed that the last 10 years had been the happiest teaching years of her life.

     The evening came to a close as a large birthday cake emblazoned with the Emmaus logo was brought to the front, and its candles blown out by Jo Cazzulini and Georgie Wells, two former pupils.

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Andrew Stone

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