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News – Evangelical Library

November 2009 | by Gary Brady

Evangelical Library


The Evangelical Library has recently announced, with great thankfulness to God, that it has now completed its purchase of a new property in North London.

     The library’s new home, the third in its history, will take up two newly built adjoining units at 5-6 Gateway Mews, in the Bounds Green area. The books and other items in storage have now been deposited at Gateway Mews and work done to provide modifications for a kitchen and office area. Access between the units on both floors has already been completed.

     The shelving and other furnishings will be professionally fitted and the stock moved from Chiltern Street. The library is again thankful to Rev. Ian Densham for directing operations with his usual thoroughness.

     It is not known exactly how long all this will take, and there will be a short period when there will be no public access either to the old library at Chiltern Street or the new one in Gateway Mews. It is hoped this period will be kept to a minimum.

     Once again the Evangelical Library is appealing to the Christian public for its patience and prayers.

Gary Brady



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