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News – Expelled – the documentary

July 2008 | by John Thornbury

Expelled – the documentary

Ben Stein’s documentary film Expelled: no intelligence allowed is showing in local theatres in the USA and I recommend that everybody who can should go to see it. This film has already entered the top fifteen on the all-time list of documentaries.

The thesis of this movie is that a significant aspect of freedom of speech is being lost here in America. How is that happening?  Through the forbidding of any discussion in academic institutions of even the

     In this film, Stein artfully portrays the similarity between the Berlin Wall – which separated the free world from the world of Communism – and the academic ban on the discussion of intelligent design.

     Stein interviews a number of opponents of Intelligent Design theory, including Richard Dawkins, the notorious British atheist, who testifies how coming to believe in Darwinian evolution led him to give up a belief in God.

     Several atheists come across as rather pathetic when they are asked by Stein how life began on earth. The best answer any of them can give is that extraterrestrial aliens may have come to earth and brought life! Why such a bizarre admission? Because, as even Dawkins admits, the idea of life arising spontaneously is rather difficult to believe. 


     Surely, in the interests of true science people in secondary schools and colleges should hear both sides. But the atheists and Darwinians in the USA have so far successfully used the court system to stifle free speech on this subject.

     In one segment, Stein interviews a female guide at one of the historic Nazi extermination camps. She admits that Hitler used the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin to justify the wholesale murder of Jews and others declared ‘undesirables’ by the Nazi regime.

     After all, if there is no intelligent design, there is no Creator. And if there is no Creator there are no absolute morals. And if there are no morals, then it is OK to brutalise people and even exterminate them.

     Without absolute morals, social engineering (at all levels) becomes the unrestrained power that shapes society and even humanity itself. And in the hands of sinful men, we know where that is likely to lead – unless God himself frustrates their schemes!

John F. Thornbury

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