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News – Halloween less scary

December 2007

Halloween less scary

Christians and family groups have expressed satisfaction following a campaign by churches to make Halloween more fun and less scary. Shops and supermarkets were asked to assess the range of goods available on their shelves and make the material ‘less grim’ and more amusing.
At a national level, several major retailers have responded by increasing the range of masks and disguises available and offering more agreeable alternatives.

Concern has grown over recent years that the end of October celebration has become more ghoulish and intimidating, with householders aware that ‘trick or treat’ can quickly extend into threatening activities and anti-social behaviour.

Groups for the elderly and child protection agencies, as well as the police, had begun to voice concerns about the more frightening ways Halloween celebrations had developed.

Such concern is not limited to the United Kingdom. Schools in Moscow were ordered by local school authorities to ban students from celebrating Halloween despite the widespread popularity of the festival. Education leaders were concerned about the celebrations’ questionable religious elements; the cult of death, and the mockery of death. Halloween ‘is destructive for the minds and the spiritual and moral health of pupils’, declared an education department spokesman.
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