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News – Indonesian teachers released

August 2007

Indonesian teachers released

Barnabas Fund has reported the release of Dr Rebekka Zakaria, Mrs Ratna Bangun and Mrs Eti Pangesti, who were jailed after allowing Muslim children to attend their Christian children’s club. The women were released early from their three-year prison sentence on 8 June.

Their early release after two years is an answer to prayer, say Barnabas Fund. Rebekka, Ratna and Eti are now reunited with their families. During their time in prison, they openly witnessed to the other prisoners and the prison staff.

It is reported that the women ‘transformed’ the prison, cleaning and scrubbing the cells, working in the garden and painting a room for use as a church. Rebekka has lost her licence to practise as a doctor due to her ‘criminal record’.


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