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News – Joshua’s Jericho Journal

November 2010

Joshua’s Jericho Journal                               


This was the theme for July’s holiday Bible club at Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church (OBFPC).

     The children were put into two teams – green for the Promised Land and red for Rahab’s cord. The points they earned in each activity sent their Joshua figure whizzing across the church towards Canaan and the conquest of Jericho.

     Joshua 1-6 was covered in three daily lessons. ‘Crossing rivers and the captain who delivers’ was about God helping Joshua to lead the Israelites through the Jordan and Joshua’s meeting with the ‘captain of the host of the Lord’. The memory verse was Joshua 1:9.

     Having learned their need for the Lord to be with them, the children made models of the Ark of the Covenant. The first quiz involved those who answered correctly using large straws to move coloured water from one container to another.

     On day two, ‘The spies who said, “Hang out the red thread”’ was the story of Rahab. The red thread was explained as a picture of the blood of Jesus, behind which we too can be safe from coming judgement. The memory verse was 1 John 1:7.

     The children sewed patterns onto fabric coasters with red thread, and in the quiz had to search for the spies in a large bowl of red spaghetti.

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