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News – Lakeland Bible school

June 2008 | by Jim Day

Lakeland Bible school


The Lakeland Bible School (LBS) for young people, which meets in Keswick in mid-June, is now approaching its fifth year. It was originally intended, with the encouragement of the late Rev. Peter Brumby, to complement the September Bible School which meets in Whitby.

     In its first year it was a summer reunion for the Bible School at Whitby. This gave an opportunity for young believers from the west to offer hospitality to Christian friends from over the Pennines.

     In the early days, accommodation was provided by Christians living in Keswick and by the Congregational Church there. More recently, our meetings, meals and accommodation have been through hiring the excellent facilities of the Keswick Convention Centre.


Enriched by grace


The emphasis of LBS is on learning together from the Scriptures under the instruction of able ministers of God’s Word. We have been privileged to sit under the ministries of Dominic Smart, Ian Hamilton, Philip Swann and Stephen Clark, all of whom have enriched us in our appreciation of the Lord’s grace.

     LBS seeks to help young people with contemporary issues, from a Christian perspective. The school also likes to include a missionary challenge or provide historical Christian biography to complement the main expository ministry.

     A more recent innovation, requested by the young people, has been for seminars with questions and discussion on various topics. The final question and answer session, directed at a panel of leaders and speakers, is also very popular and never fails to run short of time late on Saturday evening.


Lasting friendship


The chance for fellowship and recreation in an informal way has been much valued, especially in facilitating lasting friendships among those who rarely meet Christians of their own age. The Lord blesses us with the beautiful surroundings of mountains and lakes and, more often than not, good weather too.

     It would be remiss not to mention the hard work done by our team behind the scenes – planning the event, booking accommodation, preparing publicity, cooking delicious meals, etc! We are grateful as well to Keswick Congregational Church for all the support they have provided.

     We meet this year from Friday evening 20 June to Sunday afternoon 22 June. Our main speakers are David Magowan, pastor of Whitby Evangelical Church, and Daniel Webber, director of the European Missionary Fellowship.

     The weekend is presided over by our chairman Pastor Andrew Rowell of Carlisle, with the assistance of Jack Jenner from Ulverston. All young people of 18 years and over are welcome, most especially from the north west of England.

     Please don’t be put off coming from elsewhere – we have welcomed visitors from USA, Sweden and Switzerland in previous years! Further details from or mailto:[email protected] or mailto:[email protected]

Jim Day

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